"JuJu" ,established in December 2011, supports our clients like a tree with pliant branches and a robust trunk.

Prompt and Careful Response

We promptly respond to your requests. We also frequently report the current state of the cases. We never make you concerned about how things are going in your case.

Kind Follow-up

We carefully explain how to proceed cases until you fully understand that.
In addition, even after the case is settled once, some disputes might occur, for example the other party does not keep a promise. "JuJu" carefully follows up you during and after the case.

Broad Range of Services

Attorneys of “JuJu” have various backgrounds. “JuJu” can handle variety of cases from personal legal services to corporate law cases and the cases requiring high-level technical understanding such as a dispute about design defect of tha plant.

Total Support of Intellectual Property Rights

"JuJu" offers total support for filing of patents, designs and trademarks, utilization of rights such as licensing agreement, warning and litigation of intellectual property rights including copyrights, as well as foreign cases occurred in such countries as United States, Europe, China, Korea, Southeast Asia.


Intellectual Property Cases

  • Domestic and Foreign Applications (Patent, Design, Trademark)
  • Copyright, Unfair Competition Prevention Act
  • Licensing, Opinions of Counsel, and Litigation

Corporate Legal Affairs

  • Licensing, Negotiation, and Agreement
  • Legal Support for Technical Development
  • Personal Information and Personal Identification Number(My Number)
  • Legal Management of Prepaid Cards

General Civil Cases

  • Traffic Accidents
  • Adjustment of Debts
  • Money Loans
  • Real Estates

Family Affairs Cases

  • Divorce
  • Inheritance, Division of Estate, Wills

Criminal Cases

Lecturer of Seminar


Mitsuhiro KATO
Patent Attorney, Attorney-at-law

He has handled a number of domestic and foreign patent applications mainly in software-related fields such as power control of hybrid car, image processing of printer, car navigation system and computer graphics (three-dimensional map)as a patent attorney.

After the registration as an attorney-at-law, he also handles licensing and litigation cases, while continuously dealing with applications of intellectual property rights. Besides of licensing, he also handling a lot of contraction cases relating to IP and R&D. Though he started his carrier as a patent attorney in patent field, he now handles a variety of IP cases, including design patent, trademark, and unfair competition cases. Taking advantage of his wealth of experience, he gives effective advises to companies in business and IP strategy. He supports companies to utilize IP for growing their business.

Making the most of a technical background, he also handles technical disputes in which the design defect of the plant and the like are disputed.

Also, he has a lot of experiences as a lecturer of seminars on intellectual property, and has received good valuation for comprehensibility.

He hopes to be helpful to you as much as possible with a motto of "quickness and the best performance!".

Membership and Qualifications

  • Japan Patent Attorneys Association
  • Aichi Bar Association
  • APAA
  • Licensing Executives Society Japan
  • Information Processing Engineer


March 1988
Graduated from Kyoto University, Aviation Engineering Division
April 1988
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Aerospace Business Division
January 1997
Registered as a patent attorney
April 2004
Entered Nagoya University Law School
November 2008
Legal Apprentice
December 2009
Registered as an Attorney-at-law (Aichi Bar Association), Re-registered as a patent attorney

Literary Works

  • Influences of Business Method Patent: Protection of Business Method Patent and its Involvement (<Special feature>Business Method Patent)
  • The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association 52(6), 311-316, 2002-06-01
  • Cooperation between Patent Attorney and Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Patent December, 2021(https://system.jpaa.or.jp/patent/viewPdf/3917
Mitsuhiro KATO

Attorney-at-law, Patent Attorney

He was interested in chemistry when he was a student, and he engaged in the research for luminescence materials of organic EL displays. In addition, he studied eco-technology at university.

After the registration as an attorney-at-law, he handles a variety of cases, including general civil cases centered on traffic accidents, family affairs cases including divorce and inheritance, corporate legal affairs, and criminal cases.

After the registration as a patent attorney, he also handles patent and trade mark search and filing applications.

For the cases relating to natural science, the degree of understanding and consideration on such cases depend on whether the attorney has the background or not. He handles wide range of such cases making the most of his knowledge.

He hopes to help as many of you as possible.

Membership and Qualifications

  • Aichi Bar Association
  • Japan Patent Attorneys Association
  • Society for Research of Administrative Litigation in Nagoya
  • APAA


March 2005
Graduated from Nagoya University, School of Informatics and Sciences, Department of Natural Science Informatics
April 2005
Entered Aichi University Law School
November 2010
Legal Apprentice
December 2011
Registered as an Attorney-at-law (Aichi Bar Association)
April 2016
Registered as a patent attorney

Attorney-at-law,Certified Public Accountant

In the audit firm, he mainly engaged in statutory audit of listed companies (the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law audit and Companies Act audit), and also in audit and review business and accounting advice business for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, he consulted not only on accounting and audit, but also on such as the Commercial Code, the Companies Act and Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. Furthermore, he was often involved in property assessment for corporate reorganization cases.

As a lawyer, he handled a wide range of fields including general civil affairs as well as corporate law, bankruptcy, domestic relations, and criminal cases. Finally, he decided to work at Kinki Local Finance Bureau of Ministry of Finance by some kind of fate.

In Kinki Local Finance Bureau, he was involved in financial administration as supervisory authority, and he was in charge of the guidance and examination business for financial inspection on deposit-taking financial institutions (bank, credit association, credit union, etc.), money lenders, trust companies, issuer of prepaid payment instruments, and the like.

Taking advantage of a wide range of experience in the past, he is resolved to continue to address every case with the aim of solutions that satisfy all the requesters.

Membership and Qualifications

  • Aichi Bar Association
  • Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Lawyers Network of Insolvency Proceedings in Japan
  • Japan Law Foundation
  • Support agencies for business innovation


October 1999
Registered as a Junior Accountant
March 2000
Graduated from Nagoya University, School of Economics, Department of Business
April 2000
Employed at Asahi & Co. (now KPMG AZSA LLC.) Nagoya office
April 2003
Registered as a Certified Public Accountant
April 2004
Entered Nagoya University Law School
November 2007
Legal Apprentice
December 2008
Registered as an Attorney-at-law (Aichi Bar Association)
July 2013
Employed at Kinki Local Finance Bureau of Ministry of Finance, Finance Department, Examination Business Division

Attorney-at-law, Certified Public Tax Accountant


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